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Gulf Am Consultants

H19" 3.29 Each Large Removal Box: This good double wall reusable extra strong multi purpose cardboard box is essential for moving home, office or storing. Removal box is ideal for packing up larger lighter items, kitchen equipments, toys, linen, duvets, clothes etc so it makes sense to include a good number of these cardboard boxes. As with all our packing products, this removal box will come to you flat packed and can be easily assembled with a packing tape. An ideal size and shape for house removals and storage. H29" 4.29 Each Archive Document Storage Box: Suitable for files, document, folders etc and keeps contents free from dirt and dust.

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When you care, youre proactive, and you listen to the needs of the customer (or patient), or better provide what yourcustomer needs before they say they need it. Customer care begins with learning to listen to customers How well do you actually listen? John Cronin pointed out that listening isnt as simple as we at first thought .

Moving from Customer Service to Customer Care

Gulf Am has intimate knowledge and extensive experience successfully guiding Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in establishing a business presence in the MENA Region through distributorships, partnerships and joint-venture opportunities. Our goal is to provide premium consulting services and successful solutions at a reasonable price tailored to each situation with the highest possibility for success. So if your company is looking to expand its product distribution, service network and/or customer base into the MENA Region, we can help.

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